Asus Q551L with nvidia 840m


Jul 30, 2016
I have a Asus 2in1 with the 840M card in it. Recently the display has been having some issues. At first it was only flickering different colors (ex. during windows loading screen it would go from orange to green. Now the display constantly has a green hue to it, meaning everything that should be white looks green. In addition to this when a window is minimized a transparant pink "ghost" of the window is left behind.

I deleted the driver and reinstalled. I went as far as to reinstall Windows 10 because of the slow speed I was concerned of a virus. Unlikely I know.

It is currently a clean PC with only drivers and google chrome installed on it.

This is what the desktop looks like with all windows minimized. The cat in the picture is white and gray.

That image only looks just a 'hair' off to me in color. Plus being a little dark.

Try going into "Control Panel' and then into "Display".
From there click on "Calibrate Color" and follow the prompts on the screen that loads.

See if this will fix your problem.