Solved! Asus vivobook flip 15 TP510UF intel® coretm i7-8550u cpu @ 1.80ghz unreasonable overheating problem

Sep 12, 2020
I just bought it from 2 months at the first month it was okay No overheating problem and never heard the fan spinning loud like that, till it not working at all after the first month, then i sent it to the customer service center and they replaced the motherboard with new one, since that time the idle temperature from 36 to 46 then suddenly without any load on it each core from its 4 cores raises its temperature randomly till reach to these 90 to 92 degrees and get down to 76 in next sec then next sec goes to 90 and then back to 64 then up to 92 for each core like that , with the fan spins sound so loud , , i have video for that but couldnot upload it..

contacted the customer service and they REPLACED the motherboard with new one for the SECOND time THEN (nothing changed at all ) the last time i contacted them they said we run Asus test tool and its okay and no problem in the motherboard, just keep your attention if it shuts down or hanging to be aproblem !