Asus X200A Will Not Power On


Nov 6, 2015
I've read about holding the power button for 30 seconds etc. Its not working. Here is the story:
1. onboard lights/indicators all seem to work - there is power going through when plugged in or via battery.
2. when i hit the power button 2-3 lights respond and blink on off, but thats it
3. there is a faint "pew" noise as if power was trying to kick the system on.

* I've tried battery in out
* plugged in not plugged in
* battery indicator says fully charged
* unplugged each hardware cable off the board too - in case there was a faulty part.. ie bluetooth, keyboard, fan, etc. no change.
* pulled a hard drive out of an old computer (swapped actually) and the laptop still wouldn't turn on. The old laptop though accepted the HD from the asus fine and tried running through boot up.

I've seen comments that it may be the RAM - but this is an onboard RAM. So then i have to replace the board?

Any suggestions before either buying a new board or turning this into scrap?

You've pretty much done most of the possible troubleshooting step but before you replace the entire motherboard you may want to test if it's also the display that has a problem.
- Connect an external monitor then boot it up.
- If you'll see a display from the external monitor the problem may lie on the built in display.
- Also try to test or use another AC adapter, it may just be a problem with it not supplying enough voltage to power the laptop.
- If all these doesn't work it may be safe to say that it's the motherboard.


Nov 6, 2015
bummer. thanks for the reply. i'm a little surprised at the amount of issues are posted about asus laptops that won't turn on. when i got mine delivered the 'd' button didn't work that well, the bluetooth never worked, and and the stickers on the laptop were stuck on crooked. i know its only stickers but have some pride. hardly apple eh? not exactly buying 'experience'.

thanks laptop nerd.
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