Asus x554la can't see new ram


Jun 28, 2016
I have an Asus X554LA-XO1236D, I just bought an Hyper X DDR3L SODIMM 4GB ram module from Amazon, the reviews said it was compatible with my laptop, the specifications on Asus website said it was compatible. I mounted it and booted my PC, no new memory recognized. The BIOS still say my laptop has 4GB of memory installed. I tried to update the BIOS (X555LAB) to the latest version from the Asus website, but nothing changed. What's happening? Is it possible that my laptop only recognizes 8GB ram modules since the maximum capacity is 12GB (4 pre-installed)?

I'm on Fedora, no Windows installed.
Interesting, per the only compatible upgrade for the X553 and X555 (they don't list X554) is 8GB, so it might be possible that a 8GB module is required.