Solved! Asus ZenBook UX51Vz-DH71 need adapter to read SSD external to Laptop

Jul 9, 2020
Hi, a friend of mine spilled coffee on his Zenbook and has basically trashed the computer. He took it to a repair shop and was told it would never work since the coffee went everywhere. I suggested he get the repair guy to remove the SSD, put it into an adapter and so we could see if we could copy his data files off of it (if at all possible) onto his new Laptop. The repair guy said that the Zenbook SSD required a special adapter that was specific to this Zenbook between certain years and he is having trouble finding it. Is this the case or will any SSD adapter do the trick? Can you suggest an adapter to me. please?
Depends on what the SSD is in the system, it's from 2014 so most likely it's a normal SATA one or an mSATA. Need to know what model of drive is in it, then you can find an adapter for it.