Question Asus Zephyrus g14 Internet intermittent with disconnect sound

Jan 27, 2022
I have a Asus Zephyrus g14, some days ago my Internet start disconnecting and connecting after a few seconds. There is a disconnect sound from windows when it happens.
This happens with ethernet connected and usually when I make a videocall or send files.

Things I've tried.
Reseting Network
Updating drivers
Checking Ethernet cable
Reseting Modem
Unchecked "turn off to save battery" in device manager
No exclamation marks in device manager
I have no problems with other devices.

I'm so desperate that I'm even thinking of updating to WIN11 just to see if it fix this.

Thanks in advance
Feb 16, 2022
I'm having the same issue with a Dell inspiron 7706 2n1,Windows 10. Thought about installing Windows 11 also. I've tried all the things that you have, including re-installing Windows 10. Nothing works. I've contacted Dell, Microsoft, Geek Squad and my ISP. ISP sent me the latest modem and I upgraded to a Cat 8 cable. Dell thinks it's a software issue but can't figure out exactly what is causing this, but they think it's a software issue and so do I. I've been dealing with this for 3 months and you are the first person I've found to have the same problem. Still waiting to hear back from Dell. I'll let you know if I get it fixed.


Feb 18, 2022
Open up your laptop and check if it has dust on it. If it has, just give it a good cleaning. There are small chances that the dust overheats the chips and can reset your wireless. You can also try to take out the wifi board and put it back.