at that time i would have gone to desktop because lappys were too expinsve


Jun 24, 2015
What a beuteful year for laptops
prices have narrowed performance has increased and battry life too
imagen Portability and high performance all in one
ain,t this any gamer,s dream
but let me ask our fellow gamers before 3 years perhaps how laptops were
they would tell you the they feature 3 things.
1- cost tons of money
2- crap performance (they couldn't reach 40% of their matching desktop,s performance)
3-long life battry sacrifice the performance

SO it was a natural thing that most gamers would go to the desktop duo to the lower cost and the higher performance
but these days Laptops have jumped to the next level
and features lower cost and 70 -80 % of their desktops,s performance and long life battery without sacrificing the performance thanx to haswell and maxwell
however some laptops such Alienware x18 still cost tons
(properly 5,000 USD)
so let me ask you this
how do you feel about laptops nowadays after they jumped to this new level? And how would you compare a gaming lappy to a gaming desktop?
Hey I am totally opened for opinions here feel free to share your thoughts


Dec 7, 2013
Some of them are complete crap and have lots of problems still but then some are great but cost so much the cost of them varies so much even if some of them have the same things in them you can't be too sure I would buy one if they werent so expensive still for something great.


Jan 17, 2012
If you are spending that kind of money on a "gaming laptop", I have a bridge that I want to sell you. And everytime I see the word lappy, makes me wanna reach through the internet and slap someone. Almost as bad as PC master race. Must not slap anyone *shiver*.
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