Solved! AT2020 stopped working

Sep 23, 2020

I have an Audiotechnica AT2020 condenser mic which plugs into a Scarlett Solo via xlr cable. The Scarlett Solo is connected to my Mac (OS: Catalina). The mic has stopped working over the last two weeks. The Scarlett Solo works fine- I continue to use the headphones I have connected. When I try to plug the xlr cable into the Solo or mic, the gain knob flashes briefly red. The same thing happens if I unplug the cable. Phantom power is switched on. When I have the mic plugged in and turn on phantom power, gain flashes briefly green. If I speak or make a sound right next to the mic, gain flashes green, but there doesn't seem to be any input to the mac as Ableton doesn't record any sound.

Not sure what the problem could be? It worked fine for two months, and has only just stopped working.
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