Audio and microphone not working


Jul 26, 2014
Sometimes when I'm watching Youtube videos my audio in my headset just stops. I then can see my video without sound for 3 or so more seconds and then the video starts buffering.
When this happens I can see my headphones listed but when I choose test it says testtune cannot be played. When I try and connect other headphones they don't work either. My HDMI-audio and Microphone do seem to work though. Note that my microphone is not the one from my headset but from a Triton Kunai I hang around my neck.
One thing I have also noticed is that when this happens the Windows button on the bottom left doesn't do anything.
Does anybody knows why this occurs and/or how I can fix this?

Specs: Windows 10
NZXT H440 case
MSI 760GA-P43 (FX) motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 1400 headphones/headset
Microphone from a Triton Kunai
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