audio jack Help!!!


Jun 11, 2016
My Audio jack on the front of my pc is faulty. This started happening after i accidentally yanked the wire toward me (the wire is faceing upward) so i think something on the jack itself got loose. The jack only works when i bend the jack itself a certain direction! Please help ASAP. Case NZXT s340

ANY HELP IS NEEDED PLEASE. i am willing to go inside my pc as long as it is fairly easy
it could be a broken solder connection. you would need to look inside your front panel to see for sure. likely its soldered to a small circuit board that is screwed to the case frame under the front cover. should be a simple thing to get at and inspect.

if its a solder connection you can fix it yourself easy enough if you can solder or have any electronics repair place do it. nzxt likely has the part available as well but its not going to be as cheap as just fixing it yourself.

if it does not appear to be fixable due to something like the plug enclosure being bent or some other oddity, you could just replace the part. contact nzxt support if that is the case.

technically another workaround is to use a front bay device with audio ports and just connect the audio header up to that instead but i would just fix the case jacks. i'm merely noting this as an alternative.

The audio jack is broken, you should not try to solder this yourself.
Static from a non-ESD safe soldering iron can fry the motherboard.

Use the rear audio jacks or have a technician do the repairs.
I do not recommend that anybody try to solder their own computer.

Especially when they do not have the tools or experience to do it correctly.
Very often this can make the problem much worse. (like damaging the circuit tracks, etc...)

Soldering: hire a professional, that's the best advice I can give you.
And I've just this month repaired the power boards on two televisions by desoldering and then installing and resoldering a couple of capacitors on them. Both work fine and I'm far and away no electronics repair technician. As long as you have the proper tools, prepare yourself with ample understanding of what it is you are undertaking and use the proper materials, anybody who is a bit handy can easily handle solder repairs. Not for everybody to be sure, but certainly not a "you must take this to a shop or the world will crack in half" type of scenario either.