Audio mixer issue with XLR Microphone


Jul 30, 2016
I have been using an old audio mixer, along with an USB audio interface for my audio setup for a couple of years now. Decided I wanted to try condense it down to save a bit of space, so I got a new audio mixer that could handle both jobs, by separating my PC audio from mic, using 2 different zones. When I set it up I could get audio from my PC and phone just fine, however, when I connect my MIC i don't get any usable audio at all. It picks up sound from me tapping on the MIC, but does not pick up anything else, like voice. I have tested the MIC in my old mixer as well, and had the same issue, but it works fine in the USB audio interface. My knowledge of audio setups is pretty crap, basically been guessing as I was going along, so not really sure what the issue is at all. Any help is appreciated, and if you need any more info just ask.
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