Solved! Audio muted when 2 devices are connected to one speaker.


Jan 24, 2016
My speaker box is like this:

I tried connecting my PC and Nintendo Switch to the same speakers. PC is connected via regular L R cable and green motherboard port. Switch is connected to my monitor via HDMI and then audio cable is routed from monitor to another Input 2 LR port.

When I connect my PC to the Input 1 LR the sound is ok.
When I connect both PC and Switch, if I want to play the game, the sound is muted by 95%. I can still hear something in the background but it's so low. The sound coming from PC is ok.

Input 1 always have good sound volume.
Input 2 is muted as long as Input 1 is connected.

The current solution is to detach Input 1 if I want to hear the sound from Input 2.

Why is this happening and is there some better solution?

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