Audio not working properly

Ibrahim Jafarsoy

Dec 23, 2014
Hi everyone.Recently ive build a new gaming pc and noticed that my audio is not working properly.The problem is in all the cinematic scenes i cant hear speech.Its either not hearable at all or i have to volume up max to hear a little bit.I have 2different speakers which has 3each and 6in total.I have tried to test each individually,reinstalled drivers for aduido, reinstalled windows but did not help.No i use built in speakers in monitor (connected with HDMI) which work nice but has crap sound quality.
I dont have sound card.
My motherboard is gigabyte z97 gaming gt


Your center channel is not set up properly in the audio options or the speakers are not hooked up properly. Most speech is sent to the center channel in a 5.1 speaker setup. If you have the system set to 5.1 and you only have 4.1 or 2.1 or something set, you will have issues.
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