Audio popping/crackling problem


Mar 19, 2014
So I started to have this problem about 2 months ago and it went away initially and now its back and I can't seem to find a fix for it. When playing audio on my pc I'll notice definitive dropouts/popping/crackling at certain points. Its not very loud but its distinct enough to where you notice it. I've tried updating audio drivers, disabling hardware in device manager, and testing my headset elsewhere. When playing both of the files here I notice a distinct pop/static crackle at the very end of the file before it finishes :

To give people a better idea of what I'm hearing at the end of the either of the sound files : you can hear the distinct sound right around the 5-6s mark

I'll also mention i'm not using a soundcard and the headset is plugged directly into the back of the mobo.

ASUS Maximus VI Hero
HyperX Clouds