Question Audio set up and Coax ques

Feb 17, 2020
Good morning all. I have a project I am starting on and need some help. I have a room with wall mounted tv, with two media sources Apple TV and a DVD player (not to mention online streaming). I also have a not crazy costly Bose sound bar with a wireless sub. Now, my issue is I am also mounting a drop down projector screen, along with a ceiling mounted projector. I currently have an HDMI switch since the TV is little older. I know I can run my HDMI to the projector, but how do I manage getting audio to the soundbar from either the DVD player (Sony - UBP-X800M2) or Apple TV?

Also, only a few rooms have Coax outlets...One room I would like one in (is not far from where I want it). My Mother in Law comes over and stays a while (which she is great and helps a great deal) and I would like her to have an Xfinity box. I can not find any, but do they have coax wireless transmistters to make this easier? Thanks