Audio Setup Advice


Nov 28, 2012
Ok guys, I'm looking for some advice on an audio setup. I'm looking for a way to play sound regardless of the device operating. My setup is My PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Now both my consoles are connected via HDMI and my PC is connected via DisplayPort. Is there any way to connect my speakers so that while connected to my PC Monitor I can have sound for all my devices. I don't use two at a time or anything so I just want sound to be played regardless of what device is operational at the time. Currently I have my Speakers wired into the sound card on my PC but when I've tried to wire it into the monitor i just don't get sound from the consoles or PC. All I've been doing is using headsets for the consoles but I'ts becoming tiresome as Xbox Ones don't support USB headsets without an adapter. (these are my speakers) (Is my monitor)

With my old setup i was able to connect my Speakers jack to my monitor and that was it but these are different and I'm at a complete loss. It could quite possibly be that i just cant achieve what I'm looking for but any confirmation or suggestions would be thoroughly appreciated!

Thanks Again!
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