Audiophile (non-gaming) headphones for gaming and general listening suggestions


Nov 7, 2013
I am looking to buy headhpones that are audiophile grade to be used for gaming mostly and a bit of music/movies etc...

What I am looking for is something neutral sounding with wide soundstage and excellent details and stereo imaging as that is what matters most for FPS games.

Will be using my Chord Mojo DAC/AMP to power them.

Was looking at the Beyerdynamic DT1990 pro since they are open back and from what I've read in reviews are very much what I am looking for in terms of sonic characteristics.

The T1 gen 2 are also great but being only semi open they might not be as good for gaming.

I will most probably not be able to audition any headphones before i buy one so i will rely on your experience for this mostly.

Not really interested in gaming headsets as they are usually bad for other things and look cheesy and feel like plastic.

Budget is not set in stone but I would prefer to stay under the 1000$ mark unless there is something way better for be had for around 1600$ (HD800s for example?)



Sep 26, 2017
SHP9500 = 50 to 70$ they are highly reviewed
X2 = 240 to 300$ well reviewed

both are open backs

close backs maybe the xm40 = 100$,

recommend to read every headphone that would be listed here and simple watch reviewes to narrow what you want. they are many good choices to pick from.

edit: you have 1000$...none of my recommendation would be for you XD...
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