Automatic shut off !

dee ramirez

Oct 21, 2014
Have a 60' flat Sharp TV, not even a year old. Two days ago, it turned off on its own, I turn it back on and 2seconds it turns off again. The power light shows it turns on, but there's no picture, then it shuts off again.
Any idea where the problem is coming from? All cords and plugs attached to TV are tightly secure, what is going on, I'm very concern about this problem, since the tv is not even a year old.


Sep 20, 2014
The most common cause of this kind of problem would be, as Titillating mentioned, power surges.

It usually happens when your TV power cord is not plugged into a power surge protector, and a power surge occurs.

Power surges occur at many times, including when power is restored after a power outage, when lighting strikes, etc.

The sudden surge of electricity could very possibly have damaged the electrical board within the TV, which causes electrical problems.

I would suggest you either fix it, send it for warranty service (call customer support line first), or return it to store (if possible).

Good luck! :)


Mar 30, 2009

If a destructive surge existed, then other appliances are also damaged. What else is damaged? Surges get blamed only because advertising hypes fears and myths. For example, a surge may happen once every seven years. But so many somehow know surges occur hourly - because advertising invents that myth.

Power restoration does not cause voltage to exceed thousands of volts. Power restoration means voltage rises slowly. Slowly rising voltage is potentially harmful to motorized appliances. And ideal for electronics.

Appliance failures are often due to manufacturing defects. One famous defect was electrolytic capacitors made with counterfeit electrolyte. Those manufacturing defects appeared as appliance failures many years later. Bottom line: most failures are traceable to manufacturing defects. That plug-in protector will not avert those failures. And does not claim to protect from typically destructive surges.

What part has failed? Only possible answers are from wild speculation. Nobody can say more without essential details.