Automatically Downloading YouTube Videos? Cloud Storage? HELP!


Jun 15, 2012
I am heading to a boarding school this next school year- a school which has very strict computer policies, so strict that they provide you with a laptop loaded with security and internet filters (you are not allowed your own computer). This is a problem for me, paticularly because I have a chronic YouTube addiction :??:

My plan is to use a program to automatically download my YouTube Subscriptions to my home computer, then have them automatically synced to a cloud-based storage solution where I can easily access the videos through the services website. Right now I am testing Miro (an rss podcast downloader) and Cubby (a cloud based storage solution, still in beta). My problem with Miro is that When the Videos are downloaded, they recieve strange names such as this one-videoplaybackfexp=907612,919103,919802,907217,907.15&ipbits=8&sparams=cp,id,ip,ipbits,itag,ratebypa
This doesn't pair well with Cubby seeing as how Cubby doesn't have video thumbnails for me to tell what the video is.

I am looking for suggestion/tips on either how to fix the video title problem (which I think is due to the videos being pulled from an rss feed), or a better video downloading solution which can automatically download MY YouTube Subscriptions and correctly Title them. Also, any other tips on my plan would be appreciated. As a reward for those who bother to actually read through my extremely long plea for advice, I will give you a large bear hug and follow your profile to answer your questions and well as I can. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.


Dec 18, 2012
Did you ever get any where with this? I was also downloading the videos with Miro hoping to import them into XBMC so I can watch them on my media centre but the naming conventions of Miro was creating a lot of problems.


Dec 22, 2012
Seems to me that your esiest way to deal with all this is just to bypass all the blocks installed on the machine as "security" !

Download Tor internet browser bundle with vidalia controller which will bypass all your security locks and allow you to download whatever you wish without anybody knowing about it........ :pt1cable:


Jan 10, 2010
I used to use Miro, but then just became really unhappy with its lack of reliability not just in terms of its naming conventions but the fact that for some popular Youtube channels it just didn't download appropriately. Part of that was Miro not being able to keep up with YouTube (being a product made by a nonprofit with limited resources), and the other part being that YouTube itself kept changing and breaking the setup for auto-downloads.

Unfortunately, in my search thus far, I haven't found any other good solutions to consuming Youtube videos in a way that allows me to automatically download them to my computer or to the cloud. I've been looking for a good long while, and although certain solutions like Miro have worked in the past, I think it tends to be a moving target with Youtube making changes to its website with little concern for how it affects users who used to access videos through feeds in the past. They truly don't have any incentive to have people be able to download their videos without having to sit through commercials or see ads in the sidebars, which is why there's no good solution for this.

If you come up with one, I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from it, though, so please post if you do.
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