Avast disk usage.

Mar 3, 2018
Well seems this thread was 2016 and guess what,it's now 2018 March and i just installed and having same issues.
My system was running at a crawl so i figured right away had to be Avast.So my system was at such a crawl 10o% usage as mentioned by other poster that i had to goto cntr/alt/del to task manager,tried to stop the process..access denied.So now i'm pissed,goto the other section of Win10 idk what it's called,anyway uninstall and guess what,system returns to 0% usage with the odd pulse t oa few % here and there.

So this issue has been ignored by Avast since at least back in 2016,heading on two years.So would you really trust an anti-virus that doesn't care at all,i wouldn't.

I also notice this site is listing "problem is solved" on several threads,well even in those threads problem is NOT solved and overall,NOT solved.

Just curious about a couple of things:

Where did you get your copy of Avast?

How long did you wait before uninstalling? Perhaps Avast was updating itself and/or the data files.

Where was the "crawl": CPU, disk drive, memory...?

Not an Avast user nor defending it per se. But other things may have happened.

Perhaps you installed a buggy version or the install was corrupted.



Mar 3, 2017

I'd like to help any way I can. More information about what happened specifically would help us to narrow down what is going on.

  • Which build/update ver. of Windows 10?
    Specs of the system?
    Edition of Avast (Free, Internet Security, etc?)
    Version of Avast program and definitions?
    Which process exactly was causing the usage spike? One or multiple? Was the usage spike CPU, RAM, etc?
    Did you try reinstalling Avast or performing an Online Repair?
    Which shields did you have enabled? (e.g. File, Web, Behavior, Email, etc)

Avast is very light on your system and what you're seeing is definitely not normal, and we'd like to get this resolved for you -- let us know!

EDIT: The thread title insinuates that the usage spike might have been on disk usage. Do you know if an active scan was running at the time? Depending on the type of HDD, specs of the system, etc. it is possible that an active scan -- especially a full scan -- would impact disk performance somewhat while the scan is running.