avr20 ii to comast dcx3400 for surround sound


Mar 20, 2014
Help in hooking up my system that consist of
Harman Kardon AVR20II with no digital anything but it does play surround 5.1
Samsung 55" Class 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV UN55F6350AF
Panasonic dvd rp56 (does have a optical digital connection or audio out L/ R Sub woofer)
Comcast DCX3400 HD/ DVR box I have it hooked up HDMI to the TV right now...and sound comes from the TV. The DCX3400 booklet show to hook up the AV Receiver use... Digital Audio (Coaxial S/PDIF) — OR The Digital Audio (Optical S/PDIF) — both provides Dolby or PCM output. I assume I should run this to the AMP or should I run through the Panasonic DVD.?? Or should I purchase a converter to run a Digital Audio Cable to the AMP but where do I plug it in and what kind do I get? I don't want true surround I just want to power the two JBL 36's I have for L and R one center JBL and one Powered Subwoofer. I don't want to buy a new AVR that has correct jacks don't have the money. Can I do this or am I screwed to only to L/R
All you have to do is leave the DVR connected with HDMI to the TV. Connect the DVD to the TV with component video and L/R audio cables. Your TV seems to have an analog audio output (it has to be configured, the description says it can be an input or output) so you just need to connect this to the receiver. I think the TV needs a stereo mini plug and the receiver RCAs so you can either buy an adapter or a cable with these connections. You will need to set the TV menu according. You will also have to set up the receiver so it know that you are running L/R/C/Sub
Should work fine.