Battery light still on when shutting down my Acer Aspire laptop


Aug 20, 2016

I have checked all my settings and they are all right, meaning when I press the shutdown button it should shut down and not go to sleep.
Sleep is not enabled.

However, whenever I have half or more of the full charge, and I want to shut down my laptop, it does not allow me to do so. The screen goes black, but the blue light (the one that indicates that there is charge left for my laptop) remains on until all the charge is drained and then switches off after a couple of hours.

I went to a technician and he told me that it was probably because updates were running i the background, but I have checked and that dos not seem to be the reason.

But sometimes, when the laptop is running on low battery and I press the shut down button, it allows me to do so therefore it shuts down without a problem.

I have no idea what to do now. It is also of Windows 10.
And it is not an old laptop or anything.

Option 1... Manually disable Hybrid Shutdown.

1. Go to "Control Panel" and then "Power Options.
2. On the left side of the window click on "Choose what the power buttons do".
3. Make sure the "When I press the Power Button" option is set to "Shut Down".
4. Click "Save Changes".
5. You may also want to go into "Power Plans" settings and make sure none are ever set to do anything but shut down when the power button is pushed.

Option 2... Right click on Start

If you "right-click" the "Start button", you will get a long popup shortcut menu. In this menu you will see "Shut down or sign out" right near the bottom. Mouse over that option and then click "Shut down."

Option 3... Perform A Full Shutdown

Another way to turn off your laptop, without Hybrid Shutdown, is to perform a full shutdown.

1. Right-click on your Desktop.
2. Go to "New" and click on "Shortcut".
3. For “Type the location of the item,” input this:

shutdown -F -T ## -C “Your message here”

(## can be any number from 0 and 315360000, and “Your message here” can be any text you want.)

OR you can input this:

%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

4. Click Next.
5. Name the shortcut whatever you like.
6. "Right-click" the shortcut on your desktop and click "Properties".
7. Change the the shortcuts icon to one you like. (You don't have to do this, but it does make it more noticeable if it has its own icon.)
8. Pin the shortcut to your "Start Menu" and now you can use it whenever you wish.



Aug 20, 2016



Aug 20, 2016
I have tried Option 3 however every time I try to open the shortcut it does not open so it does not seem to work.

Option 1 and 2 are not the case, since I have tried them before and the problem was still ongoing.

I typed everything as it should be with the captial letters and spacing, however it is not opening and does not shut down when I click on it.

Is there something I can do please?

Thank you
Well, sometimes using the physical "Power button" to shut down doesn't actually turn it off. It may well be putting the system into standby mode.

There are two ways to fix this.

1. To turn off the laptop you can click the "Start button" (mouse over the arrow at the bottom-right corner of the Start menu) and then click "Shut Down".

If you have been clicking the little "power-button" icon to the right of the search box to turn it off, the problem with that is the default Windows setting for that is the same as for your physical power button: standby.

2. You can actually go in and change the function of the power button (and the onscreen power button) so that it does actually Windows, rather than putting it into standby.

Sadly someone somewhere decided that pushing the power button on a laptop should go into standby, rather than turn it off.

The following will help you change the setting.

1. Go to "Control Panel" and then "Power Options".
2. Click on "Change plan settings", next to the plan you are using.
3. Now click "Change advanced power settings".
4. Scroll down and locate "Power buttons and lid.
5. Click the "plus" to open that and then click "Power button action".
6. Click the blue work/link next to "Setting:" and change "Shut down", if you want to use the power button to turn the laptop off.
7. Now click "Apply" and then finally click "OK".

Your power button, and the one on the screen, should now turn the computer off.


Aug 20, 2016
None of the options mentioned seem to solve it.
When I went to the Control Panel to do as indicated, the 'shut down' option was already applied, thus the laptop should have been shutting down fine.

The laptop does not do this everyday. Sometimes it shuts down normally, and sometimes it does not, I cannot understand why.

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