Battery won't Charge


Sep 5, 2016
Recently my laptop giving me issue related battery.
Now when i plug-in AC means charger laptop works fine.But if i insert battery and than apply charger laptop won't turn On.if i remove charger and turn on laptop on battery it works fine.

Now whats the issue either it's hardware or software issue.Kindly help me!

Laptop Specs:
Mode;: HP Pavilion dv6 7043cl
Windows:10 64-bit
Its almost 3.5 years old.
This could mean the battery is on its last legs but there's also a software possibility.

Go into Control Panel>Device Manager and the Batteries are usually the top two entries in the list - one is called Microsoft ACPI so-called drivers, as if they need one. I'm not on a laptop so I can't be certain there are two entries but either way, right click it or them and select Uninstall.

Restart and they will have come back but possibly in a better frame of mind.