beats solo hd aux cord ripped out now they are static and distorted


Apr 11, 2017
recently my friend ripped the aux cord out of my solo hd headphones and they are very echoey and distorted only plays the instrumentals and any vocals are almost completely canceled out and distorted but if i put volume balance all the way left or right they work but aren't as loud as before the incident i listen to country and i know it tends to be quiet music but it shouldn't be this quiet I've tried three different aux cords i also have another pair of solo hd's and i tried those same aux cords including the one i was using when the incident occurred and they worked perfectly fine no issue i was wondering whats the problem is it speakers, aux connector, wiring, etc also i do not wish to buy different brand headphones i love my beats very good and durable do the job right its like telling a dodge fan to buy a Chevy thank you for your help