How what optical cable to connect to a digital LG TV (no 3.5mm capability) to my Beats Studio headset? I purchased Aluratech a

Jul 11, 2018
I am trying to connect my Apple headset, Beats Studio on a bluetooth connection to my LG TV since the condo noise is too much for me and I need quiet inside sometimes Help!

I went to Apple who said I can purchase an Apple TV connection for $140; suggested I find another solution at Best Buy. Went there and purchased the Aluratek (small) box with several cords. Called Aluratek, very helpful, and we made connection finally between the device using the 3.5 mm cable TX to my headset but it would only play to my computer! Not the TV. Could not find an In Port. They tried.
I called LG support who finally stated that my model does not connect with 3.5 mm neither does Apple TV box. It also does not connect with the RCA-Y cable provided by Aluratek. (Can't hear the sound-phone bluetooth is off). LG support says to try Amazon who sells Avantree Oasis w/Optical Rea 3.5 mm Aux? Have no idea?
Suggested writings here says to me I need help. I believe I read connection to LG tv may work through speakers? Not sure.
Other comment about connection to bluetooth with LG was too complicated for me to understand.

Help please, if not only a suggestion. Thank you.
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