Best Budget DSLR (Or Other) For Sports Videography


Jul 12, 2013
Hello there,
I know you must be constantly bombarded with questions on this forum about " Should I get this camera, or that one" etc. Unfortunately, I have become a little desperate to find someone with a good knowledge of camera who could help me out. I have spent a good few hours looking around and researching but just cannot find something that will suit me and my budget. All I find are people directing me to POV action sports cameras, one of which I already have.

I am looking for guidance for purchasing a camera for recording video (primarily mountain biking). I already have a POV camera ( GoPro) and am looking for something I can record my friends others with, in high quality.

I have a budget of about 400€ ($520) and am looking for something that will shoot 60fps at 1080p if possible.