Best game & video streaming laptops for your buck (Powerhouses wanted)


Feb 2, 2017
Hey guys looking for a laptop that's really good for gaming (a powerhouse) that can play any of the more demanding games with ease...

Able to stream videos at high quality without any issues.

I wanted a high CPU, Memory, and disk (or that thing that appears on my task manager).

Currently I have a 4-6year old asus, has 6gb of RAM and currently it gets used up easily... AMD A8-4500M APU with radeon HD graphics 1.90GHz,

64-bit operating system, x64 based processor, windows 8 ... I heard windows 9-10 sucks.. Is there a better operating system?

I wanted it to be a powerhouse, atleast double the RAM or more, an up to date high quality graphics card

The thing I am looking for the most is durability, and I wanted a good cooling system. I notice my laptop overheats easily. Even after I cleaned it out...

I don't know much about laptops... just the very basics...

So I am looking bang for my buck. I could easily get 500-600 laptop. Would consider higher if I must.

Also I wanted opinions on good antiviruses.

btw, prefer without webcam or mic.

I wanted something that wouldnt be completely outdated in 2-4years in terms of power...

Do you have about $2000 or so budget? If not you won't be anywhere near your 'requirements', period.
A "500-600" laptop (as you previously bought) was a 'general use' laptop NOT a "gaming and streaming" laptop. A i7 Core, 16GB or RAM, and your normally looking at 1070/1080 to be a "powehouse" and "stream videos at high quality without any issues" at the same time.

Now if you go with the $700 Dell which will be a i5 with just a 1050, you can game on medium quality graphics, expecting 40-50fps maybe and if you wanted to stream your talking 480p at best.

Your really out of the loop on this stuff. The A8 was made for general (type letters, email, surfing websites, watch youtube) not for gaming, and thus your experiance demonstrated why it wasn't sold as a "Gaming System".
Your actually BACKWARDS, W8 was trash and expected you to be on a touch screen tablet, and performed badly. There was no "Windows 9", and W10 is the ONLY OS sold with systems, period. W10 is like W7 in alot of respects, but has improved ALOT over what W8 tried to implement. So I really don't know where you got your bad info.

Antiviruses for 30 Days come installed on 'off the shelf' systems, then you need to pay the subscription for a year. Otherwise if you uninstall it you can then install any good 'free' one like Avira, AVG, Comodo, or Panda, from say . NO AV WILL FULLY PROTECT YOUR SYSTEM. The Ransomware attacks and other stuff comes from "fooling" uneducated people into 'doing' normal PC steps that allow the Malware to take control. So you think your installing a cool screensaver and instead your installing malware to corrupt your system, for example. Malwarebytes is one of several suggested AntiMalware scanners you have to manually run (unless you pay for it to enable AUTO SCANNING) and like a car, means to keep to a schedule of manually running it (weekly, monthly) to keep your system protected.


Jan 23, 2015
By what you describe, you're looking for an i7-6700/7700HQ laptop with a GTX 1060. Those will be in the $1000-1300 price range.

You *may* be able to pick up a 4-core i5-6300/7300HQ and GTX 1050/1050ti for $800. That would be the best you can do with your budget. It will be capable, but not the "ultimate powerhouse" you're looking for, although it may feel like it coming from an A8. For one of those, take a look at the Dell Inspiron 15 7567


Feb 2, 2017

Yeah I am very much out of the loop.

Can a 2000 dollar lap top be found cheaper at those black friday deals? Like If I waited for black friday, could I get a 2000 dollar or more laptop (the best laptop for gaming, streaming, chatting, websearch, etc-- highest quality possible) for like a few 100 less? Like on black friday deals. We found a 2000 dollar tv for 1000-1500 once.

Not sure if its possible.

Also uhh if you plan on watching videos that come from not so legit sites... like sketchy sites... like I am sure you guys have heard of those websites that have movies on them that aren't legit. Now I am not going to go too much into technicality since I will admit I didn't bother to re-read the rules.

But I remember once watching the hulk movie when it came out to dvd and I just didnt feel like watching it on the tv at the time and my dvd drive wasnt working properly so I couldnt insert the dvd I had of it so I recall watching it on some streaming site (not youtube) and I want to know how can I stay safe while watching videos from not so good sites. By not good, I mean sites that have potential dangers like trojans, and other types of viruses. I use noscript and I see that when I click on a video, sometimes its prevented from playing, and I look down on noscript and find out there's another page that's needed for it to play.

Like for example if I am on a video site, and it uses mp4upload or oload or w/e they're called. I click them, but then they need mp4cdn or oloadcdn and other stuff like that. and on some occassions you need to enable the ad page (you dont have to click it on the page just on noscript) and I fear that might cause some problems for my laptop.

I was thinking of wiping this laptop and keeping it for the not so good sites to browse and the other laptop for games and stuff... Not sure. I mean i wish I could upgrade this old laptop a bit so that it could stream at least little better, and it wouldnt lag on sites (when I have like 10 pages open lol). Like I could have this page open, then another forum page, then youtube, then another youtube link, etc. and itll lag.

As for the windows thing. I was told by a couple of gamers I knew that windows 10 sucked horribly and that it hoards more personal info and some stuff they probably tried to explain but i was half paying attention to or just cant remember.


Feb 2, 2017

How strong is the first one? Is there a link or a picture of the model ? Also where would you guys get your laptops from? Stores or direct from websites?

I know some laptops come with warranties that have complete replacement (if the laptop malfunctions or something they will send you a new one or something like that).

Which of the gaming AND streaming powerhouses also has the best cooling system? I wanted a laptop that will not overheat at all. I know fans get clogged after sometime, but I heard there's different cooling systems.
1) TH does not support in anyway any illegal activity nor support to help you 'access' those without being infected or such. Only way is NOT TO DO IT.

2) If you bothered to look at the link I provided it gave you all the information about laptops for 2017 for gaming, INCLUDING a similiar one DudeMan509 said for actually $700 but I also said the problems with the exact same type your going to have.

3) ONLY Manufacturers make laptops, you can't "get them" otherwise, because the parts are custom made per manufacturer even model laptop. So these can't be 'bought off the shelf" parts or such or 'cobbled together'.

4) Again I provided a LONG LIST of laptops to go through from various makers. They are sold either direct from manufacturer, can grab at a local brick and mortar, bought off Ebay, Amazon, whatever. Tons of ways to get your hands on them, but with it take price shopping.

5) NO they do NOT. There is the ADDITIONAL SERVICES you can buy into and BUSINESS CLASS services for damage to them, but NO they don't "completely replace them" unless it fails through every other step they do. Which is 1) Blame Windows 2) Blame you 3) Blame the image and make you FACTORY RESTORE it wiping out everything 4) have you pay upfront for a replacement part (like HDD, RAM, Battery) till you return the original defective one 5) refer you to come to a service center (some cities have them) 5) charge you for a IN PERSON visit unless your paying for the HIGH end policy that already pays for it for them to replace the hardware (screen, motherboard, etc.) 6) send the whole unit back until they can replace it entirely (In that order).

Laptops and cooling LOL!!!! There is NO "laptop that will not overheat at all" solutions EXCEPT super high end laptops with the new WATERCOOLING methods (I believe was $5000? You can GOOGLE IT). Normally there isn't a BIG overheat issue, you would have it on a LAPTOP COOLER you sit UNDER IT (since you never heard of one before) on your lap or when at the Starbucks. Plenty of variations on those but there is no other solutions, the keyboard will heat up unless you have serious issues, then your actually (as happening to your current laptop) burning it out from the inside and killing the laptop more than heating up your hands.