Best Gaming Headshet for under 90 euros


Oct 17, 2014
I just want a headset that
its build is strong (it will last around 3 years or more)
it has good sound(7.1 if its possible)
and usb/3.5 mm connectiity.
I have some ideas like logitech's g430 but im not sure because i saw many reviews saying that its sound is bad,have usb connection problems etc....
Please reply quick :D

Jonathan Cave

Oct 17, 2013
Dont buythe G930's i returned mine they are rubbish and drop connection every 10 minutes with the software installed.

I HIGHLY reccomend the sennheiser 323d's

it has 7.1 and its own soundcard which plugs into a USB port. They are wired and therefore you get superior sound quality when compared to wireless options. 99% of the time people have headphones at their PC therefore you'll pay a premium for wireless for that 1% of the time you are not there, and the sound quality isnt as good wireless.

The mic on this headset is also REALLY REALLY good.

they are ~95 euro's atm

Don't buy a headset from companys like corsair , razer , logitech etc... they are overpriced crap - Sennheiser make awesome audio tech you'll tell the difference from your old headset immediatley (if you have one?)