Best gaming laptop under 1100 with 17 inch screen


Jun 28, 2012
Hello, I need a gaming laptop with a 17 inch screen. It has to be able to play at least minecraft With no lag on the highest settings. I also play games like Arma 2: DayZ Mod, and it would help a bunch if i didn't lag on that either. Thanks in advance. My budget is about $1100. I can literally go no more than $1150.


Jun 28, 2012



Jun 15, 2006
First question why 17.3"?

Really those laptops are huge and no longer necessary to buy that size to get good gaming.

Look for 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge (just out), and at least Nvidia 650M, or AMD 7750 or betters. Avoid old gen tech at all costs. In note books the 22nm or 28nm chips on new tech makes a huge difference.

A good choice

The HP Envy 15 is powerful, and the highest quality build, light and powerful gamer.

After searching.... most of what I find is out of your price range.


Jun 28, 2012
Thank you. I just thought that 15" was too small. (That's what she said) But after seeing a video comparison of both sizes (15" and 17") I realized that it doesn't matter. Oxymoron's are for narcs.
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