Best laptop for me (college programming student)


Aug 13, 2016
Hello all, i am a college student (second year out of 4 right now), i study computer science and engineering, and my college is not in my hometown, so i have a desktop pc in my flat in my college town, and portability is hard, all of my documents are on my pc so im looking for a laptop my budget is max 1500$ (with costs).
i have a crush on the budget gaming laptops that are coming now in 2017.i like the way they look :D, What i look in a laptop is a good keyboard, display,sound and build quality.
the candidates are:
(all have : cpu 7700hq,gpu 1050ti,256 ssd,1tb hdd,16gb ddr4)
Dell inspiron 7000;
Asus strix gl753
Lenovo y720
dont know if i need a 17.3 ol 15.6 display :( or do i really need this laptops.
this would be my first laptop, so i dont want to f**k up, i plan to use it in the next 5 years minimum.
Pls help me choose
P.S: I dont game a lot i have CSGO but havent played it like 6 month so i am full dedicated to my college.


Jan 27, 2012
I would personally get the cheapest, lightest, most durable laptop i can find.

So many students come here with sad stories about how to find their missing laptops, how to fix it after it gets yogurt or some other unspeakable fluid on it..

Most of the high end laptops i have had die within a few years.
I have an old gateway that barely even has any plastic left on the case and it still runs.
Old A8 still runs great. And no one is going to steal some janky looking laptop.

CSCI majors don't need hardly anything. Any PC that can handle a decent length notepad file should be fine haha.

Your second year, you're going to be getting into recursive language, data structures, and algorithms most likely. You really aren't going to need a beefy PC at all.