Best Live Windows for booting on a no HDD computer ?


Nov 9, 2013
Hi there community, I want a little suggestion.

Currently I have a no hard-drive computer as it got dead a few days ago. And I ain't getting a new one for some time (before my exams). Is there any way I can run Windows on my non-HDD computer? I have heard of these Live CD's that have Windows pre-installed but only for recovery purposes. I want a better environment where I can:

1) Atleast Play MP3's and watch videos
2) Run some portable Apps. eg. Office

My computer was a gaming one with plenty RAM and VRAM.

I have blank CD's, DVD's, a 4gb pendrive and even a 1Tb external hard-drive. I'm thinking of installing one of these live disks on any of these except on the external hard-drive as I will put all installed software there.

My motherboard supports only USB 2.0 but it as a quite fast DVD reader...!

I don't care about the booting time as long as it is not more than 5 mins. Are there any Live CD's that meet all these requirements. I've tried Bart PE but that's only for recovery purposes and looks plain and its a pain to install multimedia plugins......
What about this TinyXP and Tiny7 ? They are quite big to download and they are not Live CD's ??

My last resort is Linux but still if there's a solution.... Thanks for reading.......
Waiting for your suggestions....
You can find used working hard-drives for $10 or $20 easily, you're better off with that if you need to run Windows programs. Of course you'll have to re-install Windows on it.

You can do what you want with a Linux live CD also.