Best option for gaming and music

Aug 11, 2018
Guys please help me with this!
I'm having a tough time picking one out of the following 3 for usibg on Xbox one x :-

1- Razer Kraken Pro V2
2- Steelseries Arctis 5
3- Senneheiser 300 GP

Im going to mainly be using the headphones for gaming(open world and FPS)and music. But I also want the headphones to have good bass . It doesn't need to have a tight punch or depth, just needs to be good. Which is why I'm a bit skeptical on gsp 300 and Arctis 5. Which one should I buy?


Apr 20, 2004
If it was just for gaming I'd be going for the Steelseries Arctis 5. Would they work for music and movies? Yes.

But it all depends how picky you are with music. As long as you can hear it and it's half decent you might be satisfied with the headset. If you are really picky and are into music, then you might be better off getting a dedicated studio headphone and adding a mic for the gaming. A studio headphone will be more comfortable, better quality sound, and more durable. You'll need to use a virtual 7.1 program to get the surround in gaming such as Razer surround.

But for gaming you can just plug in the headset, get your 7.1, and go and it works good. You just won't have the comfort and sound quality of a dedicated headphone. Personally I use my headphones for music, in my studio on the guitar/drum rig, etc... so a headset doesn't work for me. I use the headphones with a USB DAC and have a USB microphone for the gaming. But if all I did was leave the headphones at the computer for gaming and that's it, I'd probably look into a nice gaming headset.

From all the research I've done over the years it seems people are more happy with Steelseries as far as reliability and quality goes. I can tell you as far as keyboards and mice are concerned Steelseries is my goto brand now over anything else on the market. If their headsets are just as good I wouldn't hesitate.
Mar 17, 2018
Gaming headphones aren't known for their sound quality.

You're better off getting some studio headphones and a mod mic. Especially since they will be used for music and gaming.
Also, do you live in a loud environment? Cause open-back and closed-back headphones are also a thing and can change how you perceive the sound.