Best place to build custom laptops?


Dec 12, 2012
Looking for the best place to buy a custom laptop for heavy video editing at very high quality (Not a Mac).

If you know a good one already together my Budget is £1000 give or take preferably i7 decent ssd size, lightweight, graphics card has to be good for rendering the video files in after effects and premier pro CC.

Mainly want the laptop because i need to be portable especially for travel on a plane.


Apr 24, 2014



Apr 24, 2014
I would surely check out Velocity Micro. They have 3 very good options that are fully custom and have tone of optional configurations. Velocity Micro is the way to go. Give them a call. The people that work there know therre stuff for sure.



£ = in the UK, America to britain shipping in tax makes it not worth it.

pcspecialist is your best bet - for a lightweight but could performance you'll probably want a 13.3" - unless the size is an issue - but here:
the 860M graphics should do just fine
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