Best way to connect HK AVR330 to a creative sound blaster X-FI titanium via opti


Jan 6, 2012
Hi guys,

I have a harman kardon AVR330 connected to a 5.1 speakers.
windows 7 ultimate
creative sound blaster X-FI titanium

the HK is connected to the sound card via an optical cable, when i select the output in my PC as speakers i get an unclear sound but if i select the output as S/PDIF all the settings on my creative console launcher on the pc goes blank!

whats the best way to connect the HK-AVR330 to a creative sound blaster titanium via optical and what settings shall i use on my pc to select the audio playback out?

yeah....because the avr does all the processing. it is most likely automatically overriding the soundcard entirely when on spdif. not sure whats going on with pc speaker mode but its probably just glitching.

i have one dvi-to-hdmi cable out my video card (which supports sound out via dvi) to my receiver. sound goes out to my speakers and hdmi pass-through to the tv. works like a charm.
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