Best Work Laptop Under $1000 (Rs 65000)


Mar 13, 2014
Hello again,

It's been a year since you guys helped me out with a desktop build. Desktop is running awesome and if I haven't expressed my gratitude yet, I must do so now.

As it happens, I'm currently looking at a laptop that is either a MacBook Air or equivalent. Since my AMD FX-8320+Nvidia GTX 960 desktop does a smooth job for anything heavy, I'm looking at -

1. Portability (under 1.5 kilos)
2. Speed (SSD preferable)
3. FHD display
4. Excellent out of the earth unbelievable cooling (or equivalent, my last Lenovo motherboard fried due to heating)

What I'm not looking for -

1. Discreet GPU (they won't let me game at the local library)
2. i7 processor (i5 would be nice)
3. Bulk
4. Moving parts (HDDs and optical drives)
5. Windows (I can live with MacOS or Ubuntu)

I initially settled on a MacBook Air but their protection plan is terrifyingly costly. Plus there's no ADP in the package.

So would you suggest I go for a MB-A without additional protection ? Or are there better alternatives? How about the Lenovo Yoga or Asus Zenbook series ?

Looking forward to your answers. Thanks in advance!

EDIT : Please add $50-100 to the price if you're quoting US/EU prices since I live in India and everything here is imported from the US or China.