Big and heavy laptop vs small and more portable

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Nov 14, 2015
I have the choice between these two laptops:

-Alienware 13 r2 for $400 - gtx 960m 2gb + i7 6500u w/ 16gb ram + 512 sata m.2 ssd with limited upgradability - 720p touch display - http://

-Alienware 17 r2 for $500 - gtx 980m 4gb + i7 6700HQ w/ 16gb ram - 1tb 7200rpm hdd + 256gb sata m.2 - 1080p display - much storage and ram upgradability - http://

I have decided on these two laptops because they offer extremely good value for the money, also noting that both are new. The 17" model seems like such a steal and fixes all the potential problems I have been pondering when looking at the 13" model (no room for hdd, m.2 only - expensive - dual core U cpu rather than true quad core and HQ / HK model). I would much prefer the specs and storage and ram upgradability of the 17 inch model it is just so big. One of the main reasons I liked the 13" is not only the great price, but the small form factor (I don't really care about thickness, just LxW). I feel as though the 13 would hold me back from buying the alienware amplifier as the cpu would limit most gpu solutions I could add making upgrading not a viable option. With the 17" model that would not be a problem. As I said before, I much prefer the size of the 13 inch and wouldn't really enjoy the form factor of the 17 inch that much. But the performance!!! It is so much better on the 17 inch model plus a bigger battery, higher res display, and upgradability adding to the raw specs. I really need help on this one. I would like to know what you guys think. I got until early April to make my decision. -M

EDIT: I would like to note that I have in fact looked at the 15" model but I feel like for just a little more (~$30) and just 2" more I can get so much more performance that it almost seems pointless. (1024 cuda cores vs 1536) Plus, the 15" model has an i5. I am looking for a gaming, 1080p video editing, and workstation pc. I just like how compact yet powerful the 13" is. I just kind of feel like I am wasting my money when I could get so much more perfomance (~3x gpu) in the seventeen inch model. Thanks for reading all this. You got plenty of time to answer. -M
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