Black Screen Lighted

Jun 21, 2018
Hello. I got a laptop from a friend, and when i boot it it shows nothing but a lighted black screen.
1) When i plug it with vga on an external monitor it works (only on the external monitor ofcourse)
2) I opened the screens case , unpluged and plugged the laptop's screen from the cable, and it still the same.
3) when i use the brightness buttons the brightness increases and decreases acordingly.
3) The screen is led ( Lg LP156WH4) and has no cracks
What do you think? Shall i get another cable? or just buy a new monitor for 50$... Or it could be a mobo issue
Jun 21, 2018

Thanks for your reply
its a "Greek" brand called turbo x.... on the sticker on the downside of the laptop says "pegatron, model : a15ya"

i wonder.... if it was a motherboard issue how could it run flawlessly on external vga monitor? And how could i find out about it? * Also the windows boot normaly.
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