Feb 7, 2015
Updated: 2015-04-24

Thanks for everyone that tried to help me.[/b][/color]

It was a reckless mistake that during computer launch I took out the battery. Refreshing or reloading pc completely DID the job.[color]

Hello, my name is Chris and I got this problem for quite a while now. Whenever windows 8 updates ( I don't know if that's the reason why), my laptop screen shifts to the left and down a bit, and my native resolutions changes as well. I can no longer select 1366x(???)p, now i only get 1280x800p. I have plugged it in to TVs and other 1080p monitors and it works fine. Any ideas? ( i found out in dxdiag that my screen is 32 bit, maybe that's the problem?). I also tried wiping my computer completely, but that also didn't help. Oh, and I did something with the monitor one time in order to take a 4k picture, i do not remember what I did but it'd on youtube, it said it may harm your monitor or something, but don't use that as a primary reason, it was working fine for 3 months after I did that.
Oh, and this is an almost identical recreation through Paint

Here are a few pics of my specs:

(As you can see it's a 32-bit display model and it is set as it's native resolution)
HP pavilion 15 notebook PC
windows 8.1 64-bit
Intel(R) HD graphics 4000