Blowing compressed air into the laptop help


Apr 16, 2012
Firstly i cant dissemble my laptop.
The model is HP dv6-4023tx

To reach the fan, i have to take apart the HDD, ram, more layers. The fan and heatsink is said to be the hardest part to reach. Damn you HP designers.

As i am saying, i cant take apart. So the only way is to blow the compressed air into the fan.

I know i cannot blow it through the exhaust vent, so how on earth do i do it!
If you take a look at the model's vents, you understand why i am in a dilemma now, because there is absolutely NO way to clean the dust out besides taking apart. So much for HP and their ***.


Apr 29, 2006
It might be a PITA, but you can take it apart. I've done it with several laptops and while not fun it can be done. If you want to do it best/right, do it the right way.

If not, why can't you blow it through the exhaust vents? Cans of air should have that long stick, so shove that in as far as it will go and send some short blasts through the heat sink. Just make sure the laptop is off when you do this.


Take a look at this?

Edit: Ok, I admit defeat. The fan is really well hidden.

The DV6 I have is the one with the "L" shape bottom cover which is easier to get to the fan. Like this one:

Edit: It looks like the AMD DV6 use the chassis in video 1 and Intel DV6 use the chassis in video 2. Good news, your DV6 is an Intel one so I guess it is the easier one.


Sep 12, 2011
honestly I'd always blow it out through the exhaust... It will spin the fan backwards(which doesn't hurt anything) and kick loose the stuck grime. And it SHOULD be easier to force it back out the intake, then trying to push it further into the heatssink. its already "stuck"

Taking it apart is the best option if you feel capable. Some new good thermal paste on the heatsinks would help to. And I've heard of some poorly designed stuff like thermal "pads" being used when the heatsink doesn't quite contact the CPU which you wouldn't find otherwise