Solved! Blu-Ray sound not recognized via HDMI ARC soundbar


Jun 28, 2017
Hello my equipment is as follows
TV : LG B8 OLED 55"
Blu-Ray Sony BDP-S3700
Sound Bar: Polk Signa S2

So I have a cable box plugged into HDMI 1 port, Sound bar plugged into HDMI 2 port (HDMI ARC port), and my Blu-Ray plugged into HDMI 3 port.

My issue is that when I switch to the HDMI 3, my Blu-Ray player, that the sound bar doesn't recognize a sound output and eventually stops playing back any sound (it plays for like 5-10 seconds then drops out). Temporary workaround was to just change the sound output to the internal TV speakers and it I get sound from the TV. If I switch the cable box in the HDMI 3 port and the sound is recognized fine by the soundbar, so I think it is an issue between the Blu-Ray not pushing its sound requirement through the tv and to the soundbar.

Any one have any thoughts on what is happening?

My main goal with using the HDMI ARC was to have the soundbar automatically turn on with the TV, I like that feature of not having to turn on multiple electronics (tv, soundbar, cable box, etc)