Solved! Blue screen of death and multiple crashes

May 28, 2019
Alright I have a laptop, windows 10, Intel core i7, Hp Spectre x360 convertible, and I've been having problems lately, when I was playing tf2 it suddenly crashed out of nowhere, I didn't think much about it because I was able to boot it up again, but lately it's been crashing if I leave it up for too long or if I play tf2 for a while, I memorized the error messages at first the error was 0xc0000001 but then a new error appeared 0xc0000185 and then it later says that it can't access the memory, but still booted after I turned it off and on again. I need help.

Oh and the last weird thing I remember was an update from windows.(pretty sure it wasn't a virus though, I have Avast on my PC)
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check HDD/SSD (HDD/SSD manufacturer´s tool)
and the RAM (use -> usb autoinstaller to create a bootable usb flash drive)