Blue Screen on startup, restarts and goes to black. Unable to open BIOS


Jan 8, 2017

When I try to boot up my Toshiba Satellite laptop, it loads the first screen with the Toshiba logo fine, but then I get the blue screen. It then restarts, does the automatic repair and then goes to a black screen with only the cursor visible. I have tried to access the BIOS upon restarting to try and factory reset my system, but it doesn't load the BIOS.

Try this....

Make sure you wait until the computer would be fully loaded before trying this, and not try it right away like you would to say get into BIOS. This needs you to actually be where you would be when Windows Explorer loads.

1. Press "Shift" repeatedly until the "sticky keys" window show ups.

2. Now click the the link there that will lead to the "Ease of Access Center".

3. Next click "Cancel" on the the bottom right corner of the "Set Up Sticky Keys" window.

4. From here you want to click "Control Panel" on the upper left corner (it should be right beside the "Make Your Computer Easier to Use" title.

5. Locate the "Computer Settings" menu and then choose the "Recovery" icon (make sure that your view of this is by either large or small icons for easier access).

6. Now click and open "System Restore".

7. Here you want to click next on the bottom right corner (a few times) until the button "Finish" shows up and then click it. (Just follow everything prompt that the window says which will lead you to recovering your previous system, in a certain time.

8. The computer will now do the work it needs to and then reboot.

If that doesn't work, you can try the following...

You can also try doing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete and see if you can get "Task Manager" to show.

If the "Task Manager" windows shows, then choose "New Task" and then type in EXPLORER. If the desktop shows up then you need to go into "Start", "Programs", then "Accessories" and finally "Command Prompt". (Or you can do a search for CMD.)

Make sure you load the "Command Prompt" with Administrator access. Then when it loads type in....


It will do a file check.

To learn more about "SFC" visit this link at Microsoft...
Aug 27, 2014
Try a usb keyboard to get into cmos. Try a different hard drive or boot from cd with a windows live version. Computer may not be detecting your keyboard or any keyboard but try a couple anyways
Cmos reset for a Toshiba is difficult if not nearly impossible almost but extremely tricky and only one shot to catch the menu with particular key sequence don't miss it if you try it is fast.maybe cross cmos battery for 24 hours on Toshiba may work I put battery in upside down to short terminals leave it for 24 hours then flip it back.
Very few methods for clearing Toshiba cmos available.
In Future never buy Toshiba with cmos password! Just general advice - not for this particular issue.
Aug 27, 2014
Blue screen is a hardware to software driver issue or hardware failure(rare) Attempt Safe Mode startup. It's F8 key I believe. you tap F8 on startup to get menu. Its F12 for startup device menu F8 for Windows startup menu choices. Look for Safe Mode - try 2 or 3 attempts. Watch screen shows filenames. If computer crashes it's probably that particular driver or dll or next one causing issues. The should be crash report in C:/
Called the Root or C:/ directory - it is the first and main directory on C: drive which is almost always your main hard drive HDD.
To start an external device you must set that in CMOS and or tap F12 on startup to activate menu before DOS/Windows attempts to start. If yiu can't get to CMOS or any hint of such eithe keyboard is bad, BIOS is gone (rare) or power issue on the 1-wire circuit (simple to resolve when understood)
Remove individual pieces and try until resolved. Inspect motherboard for swelled capacitors, smell for burnt components on motherboard. I can smell certain areas of motherboard and is strong electrical cooked smell most will recognize.
Laptop schematics are available free. Can test one wire circuit (see youtube videos on such but is tedious and a haystack) test points are indicated on schematics and should have close values to said voltages etc depending on state of computer state 0 being fully on!
I believe this is a windows driver, cmos issue or HDD going bad or missing part of windows from going bad or crashed and ruined the boot sector. Hirens Boot Disk may revive disks but is hard to understand and use to lack of a good GUI. May take overnight for particular program in Hirens to fix a hard drive. Download boot able Hirens iso burn to DVD and boot from that cd. Type menu when Hirens boots. May have to mount NTFS (Windows) hard drives. Go slow and make sure make right selections as you could damage disk permanently with Hirens but not likely. Easier solution is to attempt reinstall of windows. Never update Bios if power isn't stable.
Try booting from any boot able cd or Windows install cd etc instead until HDD is known issue then use Hirens but must search for the right program. Can't recall exact name but is low-level repair not available generally except specialized software as such. Find Hirens on torrent sites but legal BS is shutting stuff down and fast so Good luck finding stuff and further consider purchase IP cloaking software in future so authorities don't knab ya in future. Mostly is Games, music and movies you must not share and supposedly download. Hurry, these days are near end. You may infect your computer with trojan spyware using torrents and port sites but its an evil necessity.
Note things. Move files often, and format often (should have laptop for this purpose only.) Personally I don't care about trojan until they slow my computer and Internet down.
Good to have windows on flash drive for fast installations. Once drivers are updated and windows updated you make an iso copy of hard drive or back up at this point. Make iso copy and put on external HDD don't make iso bigger than 4.6gb unless you have 8gb double sided drive and 8.4gb disks.
You need an image burn software -can't use windows burner for reliability, and burn slow like the end it asks to close it and click Yes for any boot able software must be closed.
You can't just put software on a disk or usb flash drive and expect it to work uness it's already boot able and you have to follow correct procedures to ensure a boot otherwise you will need a boot loader and a menu perhaps say for mutiple boots of different version of Windows or Linux based OS. (Operating System) Getting too deep now am tired so lots to think about for the newby and laughs from the pro's
I'm a hardware guy with limited software savvy but I try hard.
I sound like a foreigner at times but only taking shortcuts to keep thoughts going.
I know- yiu have more questions than answers now. Go slow.
Aug 27, 2014
Can try flashing bios from a usb flash drive. Google for directions and proper BIOS to be flashed with respect to motherboard and CPU can flash BIOS MAny times but less is best. BIOS is on a chip and when computer starts it places it all on another chip then the Computer starts up from there.
If computer crashes while doing bios Flash or update you may have to remove and replace bios chip to fix it frim there or special electronic hardware tools to burn BIOS back onto it like an eeprom programmer device. This is extremely rare but some instances is only way to resolve tough password and cmos example Apple.Macbook Air Pro with Bios password could swap out bios chip and put in a programmed one- Must specify version when ordering from aliexpress, eBay, Alibaba etc for example. Macbook pro and air is easy to reset passworD unless encrypted UT even then software can be downloadedicated to let the drive write again since that portion was removed and then you can modify the HDD for those rwally tricky ones. Yiu may need an SSD converter board and or maybe can just Fdisk and format to Fat32 then reinstall in laptop join wifi and install Mac OS.
Ok off topic again lol I get carried away but is important factors to understanding startup process and why that flashing cursor usually means a bad HDD or the data on it got mangleD or a driver is preventing it from loading or simply the HDD cable itself some macbook pros were typical of HDD cable failure and yiu get a question mark in a folder on startup. If no waterdamage then simple cable replacement solved issues, occasionally a hard drive...

A very strong uv light could wipe a cmos but never ever an issue.

You can't get into cmos because of password protection or just not showing up. Tey different usb keyboards as maybe key strokes are not coming up. Could be escape, F1, F2 or delete typically to enter CMOS.
, again Toshiba cmos doesn't clear like most laptops and there could be a toggle preventing you from entering cmos by any normal means on several Computer models but very rarely used. A previous owner may have done so and Toshiba has a clause that it puts passwords on the cmos which is so stupid like Apple Programmers doing stuff so yiu can't fix yiur device like the new Pro with cpu, SSD & ram all soldered in- JUNK! One issue and all is gone or a 500.00 to 1000.00 fix.
Solder without lead is crap and all electronics will fail eventually and sooner with repetitive hot and then cold situations .
Tin in solder under microscope eventually builds finger trails of tin in between solder joints such as on an ic chip anD èventually short out in several places. Sorry I'm looking gwinxed and a bit off topic focus but an understanding of a few key things may lead you to an easy fix. Unless it was a very nice and expensive laptop I generally wouldn't go the schematic route but I have some for Macbook Pro /Air model and back view schematics s as well as the pdf. It's great but a needle in haystack perhaps.
Ok gotta go. ... give me more input on thing I said that you can try.

That cursor flashing means it's accessing the HDD and not getting past Win boot so is either HDD it's cable or Windows file.missing or bad screen meant couldn't resolve hardware or software to hardware issue.

After all this Now I'm 99% sure winboot can't locate boot sector or immediate driver issue preventing winboot at that point. Safe mode may indicate which name.
Put that HDD aside and start over when you get new or used HDD going you can move things to fix that issue but may have to use external HDD casing and or its hardware rather to hook that drive to a laptop or tower and use Hirens or other HDD recovery tools to repair it if data is important.
Scuzzy drives (older stuff) had to install driver if you reset bios/cmos argh!!!
Don't worry about bios right now focus on borrowing a hard drive formatted to NTFS then you have some trick to accomplish getting windows to boot from usb or DVD without putting it in the cmos settings prior. Try a bootable usb flash drive first because with no HDD in slot the next device should be chosen perhaps except DVD if not set in bios. It almost sounds like something changed it to boot from network drive or something but ignore me on that.
If boot able usb flash drive ($6.00 for a 6 gig staples enough for bootloader and one windows version.)
Maybe get a friend who can do all this software stuff cheap for you because I'm more hardware tech than software and it's difficult for me to spiel out ways to resolve without feedback bcuz now I brainstorm and all this mess is my thinking. phone messes and puts words I don't even say. No not auto correct auto fck.
Ok try something and relay any results that differ even slightly and especially resolved feedback!



Jan 14, 2017

@webworking --- I believe Harry's query is solved, but what was the cause for Harry's query...! was it because of any driver update..?