Bluetooth and Sonos


Nov 5, 2017
Am working around purchasing another Sonos product, by connecting the Sonos Connect to my home stereo input, then output from the headphone jack to a 2.4ghz Bluetooth transmitter which transmits to an identical unit for receiver, which is connected to an input on another home stereo. Don't get me wrong, it works pretty well actually, but have noticeable hiss. I suspect I am getting Bluetooth and Sonos interference, as they operate on the same frequency. I am thinking if I connect Sonos as above, but into a class D mini amp. Connect the speaker output to the Bluetooth transmitter, would this eliminate or reduce the hiss.
There's no reason to think that Sonos and BT are interfering with each other. If it did it would not be hiss. I suspect the noise is from using the headphone out. There are three ways around that depending on the receiver.
1. You can use a pair of 1 male to 2 female RCA Y splitters to double the outputs of the Connect. One out to the receiver. The other to the BT transmitter.
2. If your receiver has a digital input you can use the Connect digital out for the receiver and the analog out for the BT transmitter. They both work at the same time.
With these you don't even have to turn the receiver on if you want sound over BT.
3. If the receiver has a tape record or zone two line level output you can connect the BT transmitter to that rather than the headphone jack. This way the receiver has to be on but the receiver volume control doesn't affect the output to the transmitter. That may be why you are getting hiss.
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