Bluetooth aptx stereo splitting into left and right stereo channel


Jul 27, 2015
Hello to all Bluetooth hifi fans and experts.
My name is Frank and I live in Germany. I am a musik listener and Hifi enthusiast. At home everything is fine. I stream with Tidal to my Linn DS over the Linn Kazoo app from my IPad or my Sony Z1 over Wlan. In August I will get 55. So all my friends and my Family ask me, “what is your birthday wish”? After long thinking ( you know the problem), I think it is an good idea to have an portable music solution. So my wish is the portable speaker Loewe Speaker 2 Go. It has nice Sound and Bluetooth aptx. But I think that the stereo sound can’t be the best one. So why not buy me a second Loewe 2 Go, one for the left and one for the right stereo channel. And also a Kokkia i10 adapter for my IPad 3. All with aptx. Stream music with Tidal Hifi to them and everything is fine.
But now the problem. They will get both the Stereo signal. I can’t find a solution to separate the left and right Stereo channel. Please help me. I am new to Bluetooth, I have used it only for printing before. I have an Panasonic Toughbook too. May be I could buy me too Bluetooth Usb transmitter and with an software audio splitter I could send with one of them the left and with the other one the right channel to the Loewes. But what is with the latency time? And isn’t there a solution for my Z1 and my IPad to do it.
Many thanks for your help
I don't think there is a solution unless Loewe has one.
You can use Sonos speakers in this fashion. They can be designated left and right in the Sonos App and there is the Sonos Sub too. We don't have Loewe products in the US so I can't tell you if the Sonos is better or not. If you wanted better sound you could use the
Sonos ConnectAmp (55 watts x 2, stable into 4 ohms) which would allow you to use any speakers you prefer.
The Sonos app will give you access to your Tidal account and stream from your device via wifi if there are any files on it you may like. Sonos has more of the functionality of your Linn DS. It will play any files up to CD quality that reside on your network too.
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