Bluetooth Connection issues with computer


Mar 21, 2017
I just bought a Bluetooth USB dongle for my computer with windows 7. I am having trouble pairing it to my vizio soundbar which has Bluetooth. I am able to connect the devices with the computer but the soundbar continues to search for a device after the computer says they are connected. Leaving me with no audio from the speakers. Also would a different kind of Bluetooth adapter work better then just a USB dongle for connecting an audio device as this does not seem to be working.

Also it says this device has been successfully added on the computer and it appears in my devices after. Could it be possible that the connection is not strong enough I got the Dongle off amazon for like 13 dollars and the devices are maybe 3 meters apart. After nothing happening for like 10 minutes music randomly started blasting through my room what would've made it connect I did nothing. Is there a way to make it automatic and not take random amounts of time

Note: The speakers have no problem connecting to my phone or laptop (both came with Bluetooth)

Because you sound new at this, I assure you this "randomness" is not normal, and you shouldn't put up with it.

The only thing I can suggest is, move the dongle to another port, you may have to re-install the driver again, a USB port on the front of the case should work better than on the back. If this doesn't work, pay a little bit more and buy something you recognize like a Belkin.

Did you allow Windows to use its own driver? (Search). I suggest use the driver that the dongle maker supplies to you, so do a manual install, tell Windows, do not search, HERE (where you saved the driver) is the driver I want you to install.
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