Bluetooth Headphones Configuration Problems


Nov 1, 2015
Hi, I recently bought the Zealot B-370 Bluetooth Headphones. I primarily use them on my desktop, for which I have a Bluetooth dongle. So far I've had no trouble with connectivity, though the range is sorta reduced to just my room.

The thing is, with my speakers I'm unable to use the microphone. The sound is just not detected, but I used my headphones' microphone for calling/facetiming on my iPhone and it worked perfectly fine, so the microphone is working perfectly fine. Also even the sound output is entirely cut off during the use of programs that require a microphone(Skype/Discord for example) and the default microphone is set to the one of my headphones.

I have no idea how to fix this, I'd just like a flawless experience with what I bought, since these are some very high quality headphones and it's just my PC's configuration which is causing problems. Any help would be appreciated; I'm willing to give any sort of information that's required regarding my PC's configuration.