Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for Legacy System - plus speaker selection

Jan 23, 2019
I have a Sony legacy system (receiver with A/B speaker select, cd player, phonograph and a speaker selection box for wired speakers to 4 locations). I would like to move towards wireless speakers which obsoletes the speaker selection box. I realize that I will need to purchase a Bluetooth (or Wi-FI adapter?) transmitter with a range of at least 100 feet and speakers with volume control and which can be paired for stereo (and appropriate speakers or speaker adapters).

Question 1: Is it possible - and what is necessary – to select speaker locations (ala the speaker selection box)? That is, how to turn on/off the speakers in one room while listening to the speakers in another room.

Question 2: Which has better sound quality and/or is easier to install and use: Bluetooth transmitter (for stereo receiver) or Wi-Fi adapter? Or is there a device that can do both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Thank you for your input! Karen