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  1. S

    Question No Legacy BIOS only UEFi - the solution

    If the Bios have only UEFI (no legacy option), you can boot from USB if is formatted FAT32 and not NTFS. Many of new PC's/laptop's have only the newer UEFI BIOS (the Legacy Bios is an older option). Download Rufus (freeware, please use the at least the current latest version 3.8) Make a...
  2. yugithedestiny2030

    Are all UEFIs GUI supported?

    I just switched to UEFI but I noticed that it still has the same old BIOS Legacy interface. So, just like the title, are all UEFIS GUI supported? Or is it limited by my graphics specs?
  3. M

    How to enable AMD V in BIOS Legacy

    I am unable to enable AMD V in BIOS legacy in my Toshiba laptop
  4. K

    Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for Legacy System - plus speaker selection

    I have a Sony legacy system (receiver with A/B speaker select, cd player, phonograph and a speaker selection box for wired speakers to 4 locations). I would like to move towards wireless speakers which obsoletes the speaker selection box. I realize that I will need to purchase a Bluetooth (or...
  5. D

    run Win 3.1 Dos legacy business software on micro pc like RaspberryPi

    Hi, Does anyone have any advice/experience about running Win 3.1 DOS legacy software - not games - on a micro pc like Raspberry pi. What would be the best micro platform to install and run this type of legacy software? Any help much appreciated. Thanks David
  6. I

    Solved! Insert boot device and press any key

    Hello I need help I just try to boot my acer and show me that message no bootable device--insert boot device and press any key but the first time before I change the boot setting into legacy I was that message no bootable device after to change in legacy there's no change gives it is not start...
  7. O

    Solved! No display after enabling Legacy Boot and disabling Secure Boot

    I have an Hp Pavilion G4-2304tx laptop win8-64bit, my hdd start having problems so I bought a new one and tried installing win10 using a cd but it doesn't show up in the boot manager, when I tried disabling secure boot and enabling legacy boot,after restarting my laptop there is no display only...
  8. A

    change bios mode from legacy to uefi

    Hello there i have an "hp pavilion g6 notebook"-"windows 10" I changed the bios mode from legacy to uefi so i can enable the virtualization feature and the consequence was a black screen saying : "boot device not found Please install an operating system on your hard disk Hard disk (3F0)" Is...
  9. T

    Acer E1-510 uefi to legacy

    Thank you Toms Guide for registration. Can anyone help me on how to change this pc's BIOS? I am led to believe that to install win 7 FROM win10 , the BIOS has to be legacy. I have successfully disabled secure boot. but thats it, so i am at my wits end, can someone please help me?
  10. C

    my zte n817 is so slow, can I speed it up?

    I got a zte N817 from Qlink and it is so slow, apps always misbehaving, I only have about 1 or 2 bars of signal strength. Is there anything that I can do to fix any of this? Thanks for any advice.
  11. R

    Bios option Boot Mode greyed out, can't change to Legacy; setting supervisor password doesn't help

    Hi, I'm trying to reinstall windows on Acer Aspire ES1-533 and I can't boot to usb, because UEFI boot mode is selected and I can't swap it to Legacy, as Boot Mode option is just greyed out. I've tried checking some information on the internet, it suggested to set a supervisor password, did that...
  12. D

    After setting UEFI to legacy boot mode, laptop did not boot at all, no POST either. Removing CMOS battery doesn't help either

    Hi all, so, I bought a second-hand laptop (thinkpad t440s) and wanted to check the hardware with memtest86+. For this though I needed to disable some UEFI settings to have the computer boot into legacy mode (following instructions here...
  13. G

    Vr headset for pc no phone

    Why is it so hard to find a vr headset for the pc all I’m finding is junk for wimp graphics of a phone
  14. J

    Acer Aspire stuck in legacy mode. Doesn’t post anymore. Please help.

    Hi. My Acer Aspire started to crash a lot after the windows 8.1 update. So, I decided it was a great idea to see if legacy mode would change anything. Instead I was greeted with a black screen so 8 turned it off. After I turned it back on it wouldn’t post anymore so I couldn’t go to the bios...
  15. M

    Windows 10 and Windows XP network compatibility

    Forced by needs of two people to have Windows 10 and Windows XP on the same network. Both need to have internet access and share a printer. How can I do this without problems between the two computers? The router is in an AT&T U-verse modem Can files be shared on a network drive? Does...
  16. K

    Ihave not legacy mode on setup what can Ido?

    my laptop is acer es15 model ES1-533-C7TG Ihave not legacy mode on setup what can Ido?
  17. nascar895

    External keyboard is not working after resume from hibernate.

    I have recently converted my Legacy windows installation to UEFI since then my external keyboard is not working until i unplug it and reconnect if i hibernate my laptop. But my external mouse is working without any problem. Any fixes?
  18. B

    i have already booted laptop with legacy mode now can i boot in uefi mode

    i have boot my laptop in legacy support mode. now can i boot my laptop using uefi boot mode. and when select uefi mode error comes '' boot device not found (3f0)" when i goes back to legacy mode i works fine.
  19. H

    My lenovo y70-70 is not opening or charging

    My lenovo y70-70 is not opening or charging, that happened after a problem in operating system and I changed boot selections of bios to legacy and priority to legacy first, before that every time I try to open I was getting message uefi 40 or 60 is 0
  20. R

    Monitor speakers not working

    Hello i am currently based in UAE. i bought an arion legacy monitor speakers AR603. When i set it up, it came on for 5 seconds and went off. it hasn’t come back on ever since. what do i do??
  21. S

    Anyone know what Ref code S0a00 mean?

    Since yesterday I've been experiencing code S0a00 on two of my Xfinity DVR boxes(legacy), code isn't on every channel just a few HD channels. Had a Comcast tech(contracted tech) come today and he said all the lines and signals are good but replaced some connectors. I'm no longer seeing the code...
  22. J

    HDD and Disk drive cant be found in UEFI

    I can't seem to narrow down what I need to get a fresh install of Windows 10 on my laptop. Brief history: -Bought HP G7-2235dx for my wife. -She hated windows 8 -I formatted the hard drive, set Bios to Legacy mode, install fresh Windows 7 -I upgraded it to windows 10 but can't use Uefi now So at...
  23. I

    Dell Inspiron 15 3558, changed boot mode to Legacy and back again, now it can't find the OS

    As per the title, I changed this laptop's boot mode from "UEFI - Secure Boot" to "Legacy" in order to do a boot-time virus scan from USB (with ESET - it didn't find anything fwiw). However, when I changed boot mode back to "UEFI - Secure Boot", it says it can no longer find any OS. When I use...
  24. M

    How to connect older Kenwood a/v receiver 5.1 surround sound system with no hdmi or optical audio inputs, only has RCA connect

    How to connect a legacy Kenwood surround sound receiver with only RCA audio in to new Samsung ledhdtv smart Tv with optical audio and 3.5mm audio out only...I have cable box, Roku,legacy CD player and dvd/recorder (legacy also). Any help appreciated, thanx.
  25. P

    Can I get into the legacy BIOS on Toshiba C55-C5241?

    I've been trying to increase the dedicated vRam for my IntelHD card, which supposedly can be done in the bios, but when i go to my "bios/uefi" it's a Toshiba Setup Utility. I've figured out that I can load CSM mode, but i think that's just for external devices but that means i'm getting closer...
  26. B

    how to change bios UEFI to Legacy

    I open a boot set up but I cant change a bios uefi to a legacy bios.
  27. S

    DVR recordings dissapeared

    I have a Comcast legacy DVR(newest one), wen't to view my recorded shows and they are all gone except two recently recorded shows. The shows are gone yet my box was still says 90% full.
  28. L

    Upgrading SSD with WIn 64-bit on legacy.

    Hiello, I m in a bit of kucup. Currently I have a laptop a Lenovo G510 with a HDD running Windows 10 64 bit on legacy (no Uefi) and 4 gb ram. I wanted to upgrade it, so i bought and SSD and a HDD pocket to instal instead of the optical drive. The issue is, I want to install the OS (win 10...
  29. N

    i switched my laptop to legacy and now it will not boot how do I reverse the change

    bios system how can I reverse changes
  30. J

    boot cd is not recognized by uefi, but is by legacy mode

    Hello, my MSI ghost ge60 2qe won't boot off my bootable cd, it is not recognized by uefi, but is by legacy mode. It is not in the bbs config in the bios even. I have the boot order set to boot off cd before the hdd. How do I boot off my cd in uefi?
  31. B

    No bootable device in UEFI, but Windows 10 boots perfectly fine using legacy BIOS

    Earlier today I cleaned my drive 0 to do a clean install of Windows 10 using a USB drive; however, in order to do so I needed to change UEFI to Legacy in the boot menu and put USB HDD(?) at the top of the boot priority list. After installation, it worked. The problem is, after a few restarts...
  32. S

    program wants to read data from optical drive

    I have a legacy digital library that is programmed to read the data from a CD inserted in the optical drive. Needless to say, this is a really slow way to search and display data. It's no way to work. How can I fix this problem? I tried converting it into an ISO and mounting it, but I always...
  33. M

    Do UEFI Mode and Legacy Mode have different Partitions?

    So, I have the new BIOS (the one that came out with Windows 8). I have both UEFI and Legacy boot option. I'm not sure, but do these 2 boot options have separate partitions that you can not view in other boot mode. Plus, my disk is GPT, I normally use UEFI but if I switched to Legacy mode, would...
  34. B

    Bios legacy booting prblem

    Unfortunately i changed the legacy boot option to disable... now it is nt shwng bios itself.. when i swtch on the system it is shwng nothng... can u plss help plss... as soon as pssble
  35. Jem Cakan

    Laptop suddenly switches off, no bootable device appears? (pictures)

    My Dell Inspiron 11 3148 Switches off suddenly in the middle of watching a youtube video. Then displays no bootable device. I enter BIOS mode and check options in LEGACY mode. There is no USB/HDD/CD option at all. My BIOS is showing no connections to the motherboard. I then reset BIOS to...
  36. Jem Cakan

    Laptop switches off suddenly, then displays no bootable device?

    My Dell Inspiron 11 3148 Switches off suddenly in the middle of watching a youtube video. Then displays no bootable device. I enter BIOS mode and check options in LEGACY mode. There is no USB/HDD/CD option at all. My BIOS is showing no connections to the motherboard. I then reset BIOS to...
  37. C

    Can I safely switch boot mode from legacy to UEFI?

    I bought an Acer Aspire V3-572G which came with Windows 8.1 and TONS and TONS of crapware included. I downloaded a Windows 8.1 ISO, made a bootable USB stick and plugged it into the laptop. But the thing is; it was a USB-stick of only 8 GB so I choosed not to make it EFI-compatible (because the...
  38. P

    Booting BIOS, legacy mode. [Solved]

    First of all, if you would like to help me i suggest you to read http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1916616/problem-booting-changing-uefi-bios-legacy-bios.html Peterd2012's problem is my fear. I need to boot my pc in legacy mode because i want to boot from a pendrive which has backtrack 5...
  39. J

    How to connect legacy wire speakers to receiver

    I have a good number of legacy speakers with wire output and want to connect them to a receiver(s), as the speakers (wire output only) are still great. Actually, it brings up a number of questions, as I have 2 receivers in mind: 1. If some of the inputs on an older receiver have rca cable...
  40. N

    Switched uefi to legacy on acer aspire now black screen with writting

    Hi guys, Went to the bios menu on acer aspire e5-551 running windows 8, changed the uefi to legacy. Now i am stuck with a black screen with writing something like, PXE-MOF EXITING PXE ROM. and some other stuff. Its not letting me switch the laptop off either. Please help! Thank you
  41. C

    Multi room wired speaker system to wireless for legacy stereo system

    I just moved and had in wall speakers with a control box at my other house for a regular old fashioned stereo component system -- it all worked great . I want to set it up again in my new house in multiple rooms with wireless speakers. I left all the wiring in the wall but brought my control...
  42. J

    Sony Vegas 13 How to Set (Legacy) Text to Default Text

    When in Sony Vegas 13 I right click and "Insert Text Media" it open the regular text but can I make it so that when I press that it opens text in Legacy, so I can have more editing options with text.
  43. 2

    Acer V5 cannot enter legacy bios to edit

    Why cannot the BIOS be entered and edited after setting 'legacy bios' as the boot bios? Is this only on Acer V5s? The screen says press F2 to enter however no key pressing gets me into bios setup.
  44. P

    How to connect a powered sub to a legacy stereo receiver

    I have an old Sony STR-AV720 receiver and I recently acquired an old Fisher SW6100 powered subwoofer and would like to connect the two. The receiver has speaker connections for surround sound but no subwoofer connection. The powered sub has high level input and output connections that appear...
  45. J

    THA 10 home theatre

    I just bought a new HDTV ,Sony with only hdmi connections , I would like to connect. It to my legacy jvc THA 10 home theatre Which doesn't have hdmi ports
  46. MikeyJones

    Remove Adobe Flash Player Update Service from Registry

    I have tried to remove the Key AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateService because it refers to a Legacy product which shipped with the system (11.6.r602 and it will not update (problem caused the application to stop working correctly.) and the Microsoft Windows popup continues to annoy me. Two Keys relate to...
  47. A

    Steelseries Siberia V2 connectors question

    Hello, I have found these headphones; http://www.ebuyer.com/363044-steelseries-siberia-v2-full-size-usb-headset-white-51102?utm_source=google&utm_medium=products&gclid=COiIg4eh_bcCFeTLtAodezsAMg and I am confused about something. I read in a different post in this forum from a while ago that...
  48. Philip_50

    Clean out unlock reuse hdd

    I want reuse a hdd it is locked, legacy ata encrypted. I want this hdd wiped clean. A fresh start. Any advice?
  49. G

    Google Releases Earth 7 With New 3D Image Data

    Google released a major update for Earth. Now in version 7, the application comes with sightseeing tours as well as new 3D imagery that replaces Earth's legacy 3D image data. Google Releases Earth 7 With New 3D Image Data : Read more
  50. ragenalien

    Legacy alienware

    Alright so I'm scrapping the original idea, I found out that no matter what, no core 2 duo would ever go in the alienware m5500. So I have a new question. Since the m5500 and the m5500i-r3 have exactly the same body type, would I be able to use the case/screen of the m5500 and drop in the...
  51. U


    hello, my name is Antonio, I am a current subscriber of UO Classic/Mondain Legacy. My old computer crashed. I need to re-install UO Classic/Mondain Legacy to my new computer. Please Help.
  52. tuanmai

    Check Out the 1983 Version of the iPhone

    The birth of a legacy. Check Out the 1983 Version of the iPhone : Read more
  53. JMcEntegart

    Hasbro Shows Off RealD 3D Transformers Helmet

    Forget dorky 3D glasses covered in germs from the last finger-licking patron to maul them as they watched Tron: Legacy. Fans of the newest Transformers movie have got this bad-boy to look forward to: Hasbro Shows Off RealD 3D Transformers Helmet : Read more
  54. G

    It's the Tron Lightcycle for Your Feet

    Still can't get over the rush of watching Tron: Legacy? Maybe you could relive all those lightcycle races, but without having to upload yourself into an '80s videogame world. It's the Tron Lightcycle for Your Feet : Read more
  55. G

    Tron: Legacy USB Flash Drives

    Drive these light cycles up to your USB hub. Tron: Legacy USB Flash Drives : Read more
  56. G

    Concept EV Looks Like Refugee from Tron

    If only this car could come out in time for the Tron: Legacy premiere. Concept EV Looks Like Refugee from Tron : Read more
  57. G

    Phantom: The Lost Gaming Console from 2004

    A PC peripheral is this vaporware console's legacy. Phantom: The Lost Gaming Console from 2004 : Read more
  58. exfileme

    Tron Legacy HD Trailer Makes You Want More

    The Tron Legacy trailer in HD is available to download. Tron Legacy HD Trailer Makes You Want More : Read more
  59. G

    The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy

    So i found this ipod on the ground but it has a slight problem with it. after my friend tried to put some songs and programs onto the ipod it suddenly stopped working and came up with the ipod screen saying contact apple "www.aple.com/support/ipod" also when i turn it on I hear a clicking inside...
  60. T

    Microsoft Windows Vista

    Does anyone know of any legacy technologies Vista will not support? possibles = 802.11b, 16bit sound, ISA etc. :)