How to connect older Kenwood a/v receiver 5.1 surround sound system with no hdmi or optical audio inputs, only has RCA connect

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Aug 14, 2016
How to connect a legacy Kenwood surround sound receiver with only RCA audio in to new Samsung ledhdtv smart Tv with optical audio and 3.5mm audio out only...I have cable box, Roku,legacy CD player and dvd/recorder (legacy also). Any help appreciated, thanx.

Then this receiver has no real surround, but fake, simulated surround.

Now some receiver have RCA DIGITAL AUDIO IN, that's an actual digital input that uses regular cable instead of optical but functions the same. You can buy a converter to link up both.
I was talking about a 3.5mm to standard red/white stereo rca twin jacks.
Plug into one of the stereo inputs - you should100% get stereo audio at a minimum.

Do you not have a rca/phono digital input??
These are normally a orangish colour
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