Laptop suddenly switches off, no bootable device appears? (pictures)

Jem Cakan

Nov 28, 2014
My Dell Inspiron 11 3148 Switches off suddenly in the middle of watching a youtube video. Then displays no bootable device.
I enter BIOS mode and check options in LEGACY mode. There is no USB/HDD/CD option at all. My BIOS is showing no connections to the motherboard. I then reset BIOS to default. Still no signs. I take apart the laptop, ssd is connected securely. Still no signs. I connect a USB with windows 8.1 on, I try to repair PC, it states "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again.

What is this? A virus? A motherboard issue? I run onboard diagnostics and it states everything is fine...

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